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DON'T PANIC! oh my gosh please don't panic!!! most of the members of echelon are going through some things right now including holidays, school, and new work schedules. we thought it best--for the time being!--that we make this members only until ALL of us can dedicate the time necessary to run this site properly and openly for everyone to join. we're not closing down indefinitely, we're honestly just taking a break until we can all make sure that all of our current members are alright and that we're all in it to win it. CURRENT MEMBERS CAN LOG IN AND KEEP PLAYING OR APPING YOUR CHARACTERS! you guys can view the offline board, so you can just get in, do posts when you want, and otherwise not have to worry so much about posting requirements and stuff. however, for right now, we're members only until things simmer down for all of us.

if you'd like to find some of us, you can check out our other site HEART[❤]SIGH; a panfandom animation RP with an original setting. if you'd like to contact any member of staff, just drop us a line in the chatbox and remember to be respectful please! everyone keep having fun and doing your thing, but relax and take care of yourselves.

--- the staff of echelon

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